Glass beehives. Shenzhen Yeahka C4 Office Design by JSPA Design

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JSPA Design.- Lead architects.- Johan Sarvant and Florent Buis.
6,000 m².
Design period.- 2020.08.20 / 2020.10.28, construction period.- 2020.10 / 2021.02.
Leshua office, floor 5-7, building C3, Yeahka Kexing Science Park, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Shengliang Su.


JSPA Design is a Beijing-based French architecture studio established in 2009 working on architecture, interior, landscape, and product design. Founded by Johan Sarvant who was graduated from the National School of Architecture of the city and territories of Marne-la-Vallée in 2006, and his principal partner who join the JSPA team in 2013, Florent Buis, who graduated from the National Architecture Superior School of Marseille-Luminy in 2010.

Adopting modern design methods, and getting rid of common style concepts, they focus on creating an evocative architecture that stimulates human senses working with light and shade, space and materiality.

Exploration of architectural expression and reinterpretation of local construction materials allow them to deliver projects that are at the same time unquestionably contemporary but also deeply rooted in their site.

The dialogue between nature and architecture takes major importance in their work. The design process focuses on how architecture can coexist with its environment or even how nature can impose itself on architecture and enter the building.

From concept design to detailing and on-site supervision, the JSPA team is fully committed to following up and ensuring quality throughout the entire design process until completion.



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