In the heart of Julian Alps. Milka Boutique Hotel and Restaurant by Gartner Architects

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Gartner Architects. Architects.- Brigita Gartner, Jernej Gartner.
Proyect team
Maša, Malgaj Novak, Domen Gjergek, Urška Gregorič, Alenka Jager, Mateja Rogelj.
Structural Engineer.- Marko Pavlinjek; Elea. Lightning.- Gartner arhitekti, Intra Lighting. Landscape.- Gartner arhitekti/ Gartner Lifecycle Architecture.
Baumi, gradbeništvo in svetovanje, Martin Baumgartner s.p.
B&B nepremičnine d.o.o.
2019 > 2022.
Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Gartner Architects

Gartner Architects is an architectural office which has been creating quality architecture for over ten years. Each member contributes something special, and together we have successfully implemented many challenging projects. Our team consists of: Jernej Gartner, Brigita Gartner, Maša Malgaj, Alenka Jager, Domen Gjergek in Anže Kumar.

The office does interior design, design plans for residential and industrial buildings, as well as shopping centres. They also remodel and renovate buildings of all sizes.

The beginnings of their architectural bureau, which is today known as the Gartner Architects LLC, reach back to 2007 when a group of experts in the field of architecture, advanced technologies, sustainable development, and design gathered. In 2010 the bureau started using advanced BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) which has been changing the overall approach to building design. This technology allows their clients to take full advantage of modern concepts in designing, executing plans, and managing their new or already existing buildings. This added value of their architectural bureau has been recognized by some major companies such as Novartis, Lek, Petrol, Lidl, Messer, JUB, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Sloveni, Knauf Insulation and Petrol, which continue to trust them with their projects. They have also been approached by several private investors with innovative solutions to housing construction and workspace design.



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