As if it was a game... Warehouse Morinha by stu.dere

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stu.dere. Architect.- Ulisses Costa.
Belo & Tavares, SA.
Build Area.- 334 m².
Completion year.- 2020.
POLICARBONATO ALVEOLAR.- Interior Walls. BIRCH PLYWOOD.– Interior Walls and Ceilings. EXPORLUX.– Wall Lighting. FONTINI by FONTE BARCELONA.– Ceramic switches.– DO colection. MICROCIMENTO.- Microcement floors, Natural finish; WELDED MESH – Metal separation mesh.

Ulisses Costa stu.dere

stu.dere - Architecture & Design Studio. Founded in 2016, located in Vila Meã, Amarante, by Ulisses Costa, dedicated to the development of Architecture Projects, Interior Architecture and Design.

stu.dere is a studio of architecture & design, and a space for multicultural events. The word stu.dere was introduced by the Romans, and it means disciples. But they go further and deeper in its meaning, for them, it means that the disciple strives and puts all its efforts to achieve a goal.

Its mission is to combine quality, innovation and design in the creation of its projects and attract clients by its excellence and know-how, asserting itself as a different brand in the market by providing a service of professionalism, accuracy and competence. The studio chooses to do a multidisciplinary approach to each challenge it embraces, establishing specific partnerships in various areas to present the client with a global solution.
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