Ilse Bing, avant-garde photographer, at KBr Fundación MAPFRE

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Ilse Bing.
Juan Vicente Aliaga.
From February 16 to May 14, 2023.
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KBr Foundation MAPFRE Center. Avenida Litoral, 30. 08005 - Barcelona, Spain.
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Ilse Bing

Ilse Bing was born in Frankfurt on March 23, 1899, into a wealthy Jewish family. At the age of fourteen, she took the first photographs of herself. Self-taught in the medium, she realized her vocation when she began to photograph in order to illustrate her thesis. She studied Mathematics and Physics before opting for Art History. Finally, in 1929, she dropped out of university and, armed with what will henceforth be her inseparable Leica, she devoted himself to photography for the next thirty years.

In 1930 she moved to Paris, where she dedicated herself to photojournalism while developing more personal work, becoming one of the main representatives of modern French photography. In 1931 she met Hendrik Willem van Loon, who introduced her work to New York, and, the following year, she had her first exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.

In 1941, before the advance of National Socialism, Ella Bing went into exile in New York with her husband, the pianist Konrad Wolff. Two decades later, at the age of sixty, she gave up her work as a photographer and turned her creativity to the making of collages, abstract works, drawings and also the writing of poems. Ilse Bing passed away in New York in 1998.



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