Integration in the environment. 11 public protection housing by Oliveras Boix Arquitectes + Cati Mestre

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Oliveras Boix Arquitectes (Jordi Oliveras Boix, Núria Oliveras Boix) + Cati Mestre.
Structure.- Estudi Cuyàs 38 (Andreu Ibañez).
Facilities.- Cabal Enginyeria (Pere Mestre).
Budget and measurements.- Gori Ferrà.
Execution Management.- Estudi Linia (Bartomeu Tous).
1,730 m².
Project year.- 2010.
Years of construction.- 2021-2022.
Manacor, Mallorca. Spain.

Núria Oliveras Boix, Jordi Oliveras Boix. OLIVERAS BOIX ARQUITECTES

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes is an architecture studio founded by the siblings Núria Oliveras Boix (1976, Barcelona) and Jordi Oliveras Boix (1979, Barcelona) in 2003. Their first office began its activity through participation in various competitions. Since then they have developed projects and works, mainly for the public administration, for which they have obtained various awards and mentions. They have also carried out work in the field of urban planning and have participated in the editing of various publications and research papers in the fields of the city, housing, sustainability and accessibility.

Núria Oliveras Boix is an architect from the ETSAB, UPC (2001) and Jordi Oliveras Boix is an architect from the ETSAB, UPC (2004). His way of designing always places the end user at the center of a creative and research process where interest in detail, construction processes and optimization of resources play a key role.

Catri Mestre

Cati Mestre graduated as an architect from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2003. Between 2001 and 2006 she collaborated with various architecture firms in Barcelona, Girona and Palma de Mallorca.

From 2005 she started the activity with her own office between Mallorca and Barcelona. Since then, she has developed numerous projects and competitions related to the rehabilitation of old houses, social housing, small-service buildings and the design of exhibition spaces.



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