International METABODY Forum 2015 Madrid.

International METABODY Forum 2015 Madrid.
MediaLab Prado [MAD] Spain. 20.07>25.07.2015.
From 22th to 25th of July, Medialab Prado together with La Casa Encendida presents METATOPIA, an interactive multimedia opera for the International METABODY Forum, a European project developed since 2013 that will continue until 2018, coordinated by Jaime del Val and Reverso.


In the following days the multimedia interactive opera METATOPIA will be presented in Madrid , an unprecedented co-production organized by 9 institutions from 6 different countries and coordinated by Jaime del Val of REVERSE collective, based in Madrid. In METATOPIA the scenic limits are transcend in a set of performances and urban facilities that involved the most advanced proposals of interactive digital art. This production has been generated as part of the European project  Metabody, involving 38 institutions from 16 countries.

METATOPIA is an opera without song or scene in which the bodies of the participants generate sound with their movement and voices are processed electronically in real time, a new type of complete artwork that crosses all senses and unconventional spaces by new participatory formats.

The proposal has a headquarters in Medialab-Prado from 22 to 25 of July in several passes from 16:30 to 20:30. It will take place at the auditorium, where it will be possible to experience a series of 15 performances and interactive installations: a proposal with new participatory formats in which the public can experience subtle more