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Juan Baraja

Juan Baraja Rodríguez. Toledo, 1984. Bachelor of Fine Arts UB University of Barcelona.

Juan Baraja works with the relationships that arise between architecture and space management through photography.

The journey and the experiences of the human being in the built spaces perpetuate an emotional relationship on which Baraja reflects from very different fields and points of view. Structures, material and light build these places.

The precise and careful composition for each image characterize the result of the analysis made by the photographer, without forgetting the feeling that arises in each place from the experience itself.  And the fact is that both lines and constructive elements, far from appearing novel, show Baraja's subjective look, where light plays an essential role, characteristic not only of the atmosphere of the place, but also of the photographic technique itself.

We enter a meticulously studied landscape that transcends beyond the specific place and allows us to fix our attention on every detail.

There is no doubt about his particular work methodology, that which always imposes a slow rhythm necessary to dedicate enough time to each shot, that which orders and fixes the thought for its subsequent translation to the final format.





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