L'Arbre Blanc housing tower by Sou Fujimoto + Nicolas Laisné + OXO architects + Dimitri Roussel

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Dimitri Roussel, Manal Rachdi OXO architects, Nicolas Laisné, Sou Fujimoto Architects.
Engineering construction.- André Verdier (Structure). ARGETEC (Fluids), Franck Boutté Consultants (Environmental). VPEAS (Cost management). Relief GE (Surveying, Roads and services). Les Eclaireurs (Lighting). SOCOTEC (Inspection). Efectis (Fire performance). Landscape Design.- Now Here Studio
Opalia, Promeo Patrimoine, Evolis Promotion, Crédit Agricole Immobilier Languedoc-Roussillon
Construction area
10225.0 square meters
Place Christophe Colomb, 34000 Montpellier, France
Project.- 2014. Completed.- 2019


Sou Fujimoto was born in Hokkaido, Japan on August 4, 1971. In 1994 he graduated in architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. He established his own architecture studio, the agency Sou Fujimoto Architects, in Tokyo in 2000, and since 2007 a ​​professor at Kyoto University.

He was first noticed in 2005 when he won the prestigious AR – international Architectural Review Awards in the Young architect’s category, a prize that he garnered for three consecutive years, and the Top Prize in 2006.

In 2008, he was invited to jury these very AR Awards. The same year he won the JIA (Japan Institute of Architects) prize and the highest recognition from the World Architecture Festival, in the Private House section. In 2009, the magazine Wallpaper* accorded him their Design Award.
 Sou Fujimoto published “Primitive Future” in 2008, the year’s best-selling architectural text. His architectural design, consistently searching for new forms and spaces between nature and artifice.

Sou Fujimoto became the youngest architect to design the annual summer pavilion for London’s Serpentine Gallery in 2013, and has won several awards, notably a Golden Lion for the Japan Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale and The Wall Street Journal Architecture Innovator Award in 2014.

Photographer: David Vintiner

Manal Rachdi. OXO Architectes

Manal Rachdi founded OXO Architectes in 2009. Through his career, he collaborated with well-known architects such as: Duncan Lewis (2003-2005), the Agence Du Besset-Lyon, and finally joining the Ateliers Jean Nouvel in 2007.

During that period, he participated and led the competitions for: the Seoul Opera, the Philarmonie of Paris in 2008. That same year he also led the project 53W53 competition for the mix used program tower for the MOMA in New York. Until 2009, he supervised all AJN American projects, moment when he finally decided to return to France and develop his own work.

OXO's work mixes housing, entertainment, working space and retail. Many projects are in progress now such as: Housing tower “Arbre Blanc” at Montpellier with Sou Fujimoto and NLA Paris (11.000sqm). The project should be delivered by 2019. Common university “Polytechnique” at Saclay with Sou Fujimoto and NLA Paris (10.000sqm). Two buildings of 250 housings at Nanterre (20.400sqm). Mille Arbres – Winning project for “Réinventer Paris” competition with Sou Fujimoto (55.000sqm). Ecotone - Winning project for “Inventons la Métropole” competition with Duncan Lewis-Scape Architecture + Parc Architecture + Tryptique Architecture (82.000sqm). Balcon sur Paris – Winning project for ‘Inventons la Métropole” at Villiers with Kengo Kuma & Associates + XTU Architects + Stefano Boeri Architetti + Michael Green Architecture + KOZ Architectes (27.000sqm divided into two buildings).

architects Laisné Roussel

Laisné Roussel architects, is an architecture studio established in Paris since 2003. The partners Nicolas Laisné and Dimitri Roussel have manage to gather a multicultural and multidisciplinary team together operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. These 30 multipurpose and proactive collaborators are fully part of the laisné roussel outlook.

Internationally recognized, laisné roussel develops a wide range of projects and programs, from small scale private homes to large scale urban design. While many of their designs are distinguished private operations including residential buildings, offices and campus, they have also completed highly recognized public facilities, such as educational buildings.

Aiming to enrich its projects, the studio punctually joins forces with other architects. Thus, it enables them to conceive more complex proposals and to gain skills through a collaborative dialogue. Sharing visions, practices and methods are dynamics they implement to step out from their comfort zone and to renew propositions. Daring and optimistic, the studio works especially within constraints to convert them into opportunities for creating added value.

Realistic and open, laisné roussel’s architects are in tunewith the pulse of contemporary life and its permanent changes. Their designs are future oriented while responding to immediate needs. laisné roussel is currently developing innovative\/groundbreaking projects such as the residential tower l’Arbre Blanc (the White Tree) in Montpellier, the bioclimatic offices building in Nice Méridia and a new shared educational building of Ecole Polytechnique in the cluster of Paris Saclay.

laisné roussel is also designing projects with a more cultural purpose such as a pavilion for the next Lyon Architecture Biennale (summer 2017) or the exhibition “Haut Dehors” with the artists Cyrille Weiner and Elvire Bonduelle.

27, rue Barbès
The office

The office is based on 27 rue Barbès in Montreuil. Located in a former wood manufacture, the refurbished craftman’s workshop is now a collaborative open space.

Hosting laisné roussel collaborators, it is also a creative incubator for various partners such as designers, photographers and writers. It aims to create a place where multidisciplinary profiles can exchange and collaborate. Fostering knowledge spillover, 27 rue Barbès is an adress where laisné roussel considers new ways of working.

Dimitri Roussel. DREAM

DREAM (Dimitri Roussel Ensemble Architecture Métropole) is an architectural firm founded by Dimitri Roussel in 2018. Dimitri collaborates with around thirty designers who also have international profiles and who share his humanist creative vision.

DREAM creates spaces adapted to modern-day lifestyles. Their designs aim to promote wellbeing and social interaction both in working and living spaces. The agency develops projects of various types and scales: housing, offices, sports facilities, ephemeral architecture. DREAM has particularly strong expertise in programmatic diversity.

DREAM favours bioclimatic architecture: they choose responsible construction methods and collaborate with local partners who share their values. The agency puts ecology at the centre of its projects, from bioclimatic design to the use of bio-basedmaterials. DREAM’s expertise and values have contributed to the agency’s reputation as a leading specialist in wooden architecture.

Nicolas Laisné. Nicolas Laisné Architectes

Nicolas Laisné founded his firm Nicolas Laisné Architectes in 2005. The firm develops urban planning, architecture and interior design projects, from design to execution and site supervision.

With his team of 50 people based in Paris, Nicolas Laisné works for public authorities, as well as private players and individuals in France and abroad. The firm has taken part in a number of international events, including the Venice Biennale in 2021.

Thanks to his open-mindedness, his natural curiosity and his taste for dialogue, Nicolas Laisné skillfully juggles multiple influences. His holistic vision of architecture allows him to invite philosophers, agronomists, botanists, artists and even data scientists to collaborate with him. He puts together a new multi-disciplinary and international team for each project.



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