Moments of History. The Time Corridor by Kolmo + Loom on the Moon + Pink Productions

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Project team
Martin Hejl, Lenka Hejlová, Petr Janák, Ján Nálepa, Karel Poupě, Long Phi Trieu.
CONTENT.- 3D animation.- NotReal. Postproduction.- Magiclab. Graphic design.-
CONSTRUCTION.- Acoustic solution.- Aveton. Stoneworks.- Foit kamenictví. Technical supervision.- VH Steel and Construction. Prints.- Virgo Advertising. Programming.- MetaMechanics.
Builder company
Allegro, Stavant.
350 m².
2018-17.11.2019 > Long term exhibition.
Acoustic elements.- Ecophon. Projection panels.- Alucomposite Panels. Lights.- Etna iGuzzini. AV technologies.- AVT Group. Projectors.- Panasonic Business Europe.

Lenka Hejlová, Martin Hejl. Kolmo

Kolmo. It is a collective of designers, architects, urbanists, and thinkers operating in Prague. Kolmo is based on the Czech Republic and is founded by Lenka Hejlová and Martin Hejl.

Lenka Hejlová, Martin Hejl. Loom on the Moon

Loom on the Moon. At Loom on the Moon, they believe that all fantasies can become a reality. That is why they created a passionate group of dedicated animation specialists who can breathe life into stories, fantasies, and dreams, no matter how big or small.

Loom on the Moon is integrated by Martin Hejl as Director and editor, and with Lenka Hejlová as the producer.

Alžběta Karásková, Radovan Síbrt. Pink Productions

Pink Productions Is a Prague-based production company, founded in 2009 by Alžběta Karásková and Radovan Síbrt. Its main focus lies in producing documentary and fiction films as well as photo and TV commercial campaigns. PINK also represents a number of creative photographers and directors from the Czech Republic and abroad and participates in the production of various audio visual and non-profit projects.

Selected filmography.-
- Two Roads, directed by Radovan Síbrt
- IDFF Ji.hlava Audience Award
- When the War Comes, directed by Jan Gebert
- Glashütte Original – Documentary Award
- Berlinale nomination, Czech Film Critics Award
- Touch Me Not, directed by Adina Pintilie, GWFF
- Best First Feature Award & Golden Bear, Berlinale
- Enkel, directed by Mark Ther
- Das wandernde Sterlein, directed by Mark Ther
- Bruce Lee and the Outlaw, directed by Joost Vandebrug
- Cinema, Mon Amour, directed by Alexandru Belc

Selected multimedia exhibitions.-
- Moments of History, National Museum
- Memory of the Nation at Stalin
- New Generation Museum in Žďár nad Sázavou



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