New concept of luxury. 5* Hotel, Restaurants and Leisure Center in Badajoz by Clavel Arquitectos

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Clavel Arquitectos. Architects.- Manuel Clavel Rojo and Luis Clavel Sainz.
Project team
Ana Abellán, Juan Pedro Boluda, Tatiana Poggi, Cristina Jódar, Luis Muñoz, Agustín Morazzoni, Diego Jesús García (Clavel Arquitectos).
Manuel Béjar (Tanco y Béjar Arquitectura). Jano ingeniería (ingeniería). Fundación 33. Arquitecto técnico.- Cayetano Valero Alcón (ARTIC 21).
Gran Casino de Extremadura S.A.
Belcón Obras; Ferga.
2776 sqm
Completion.- October 2019.
Av. Adolfo Díaz Ambrona 11. 06006, Badajoz. Spain.
David Frutos (BISimages)

Manuel Clavel Rojo, Luis Clavel Sainz. Clavel Arquitectos

Clavel Arquitectos is an international studio based in Murcia, Spain. Formed by the architects Manuel Clavel Rojo and Luis Clavel Sainz. They have offices in Spain and Miami and carry out projects from China to the United States.

Its architecture stimulates the imagination and is linked to successful projects throughout the planet. They select their projects for the potential they have to create a better city and happier citizens.

It has more than 80 awards at the international level, among the most important and recent awards it has received the Miami Building of the Year award, the Architecture Award 2019, in the category of Airport and Transportation Centers and the "Continental Title 2019" ( Africa and Western Asia) of the prestigious Prix Versailles in association with UNESCO and the International Union of Architects UIA, recognized as the Olympic Games of Architecture and Design.



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