Open to the landscape, under white plans. Casa las Hojas by OsArquitectura

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OsArquitectura - John Osborne
Project Manager
Melissa Araya Ramirez
Project Team
Adrian Guevara, Arthur Micheron
Structure.- Ing. Adrian Moreno Electromechanical.- EM Ingenieros, Ing. Alberto Bonilla, Ing. Orlando Bazan
Juan Carlos Delgado
225sqm, 137sqm roofed

John Osborne OsArq

John Osborne is Bachelor in Architecture “Universidad del Diseño” San Jose, Costa Rica. Project Architect at “RoTo Architects” Los Angeles, California from 2000 to 2006. Principal and co-Founder at “Laboratory Sustaining Design” Guanacaste, Costa Rica since 2006 to 2009. Principal and Founder “Os Arquitectura” Guanacaste, Costa Rica / Los Angeles, California since 2009

Awards and Involvement
1998.- ACSA / OTIS “Honorable Mention for Otis International Design Award” .
1998-2000.- 3rd year Design Studio Assistant Professor “Universidad del Diseño” San Jose, Costa Rica.
2000.- ACSA / OTIS “2nd Place and finalist for Elevator Urban Housing Otis International Design award” Istambul, Turkey.
2000.- Invited speaker at International Architecture Conference “MUNDANEUM” San Jose, Costa Rica.
2001.- Archiprix International Thesis Competition Nominee.
2001-2006.- Led Award winning projects for RoTo Architects ”Proposal for World Trade Center”, “CD7 Pacoima CIty Hall”, “Lucibello Confalone Amalfi Master Plan and Spa.
2003-2006.- Assistant Studio Professor to Michael Rotondi at “Southern California Institute of Architecture”.
20010.- Featured project in “revista Su Casa” for Osmosis House.
2011.- Nominated for International Young Architects Marcus Prize Award.



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