Parking Angel Oak by Ignacio Borrego and Felipe Samarán

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Ignacio Borrego y Felipe Samarán.
Ignacio Borrego y Felipe Samarán
Alexandri Ingeniería Civil S.L.
Ralva S.A.
13,000 sqm
Francisco de Vitoria Foundation


Ignacio Borrego. Dipl. Arch., Ph.D Ignacio Borrego was born in Madrid and graduated in 2000 at the School Architecture of Madrid receiving the Best Graduate Architect Prize in ETSAM‐UPM of 2000, and also achieved the first National Prize 2000 by the Ministry of Education of Spain.

His thesis, directed by Federico Soriano, entitled “Informed matter. Deformation, conformation and codification, the three ways of storing information in matter” has obtained Ph.D degree with honours (sobresaliente cum laude) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2012, and the First Prize at the X Phd Thesis competition Arquia Foundation.

He co-founded dosmasuno arquitectos in 2003 with Néstor Montenegro and Lina Toro and Ignacio Borrego Architects in 2014. He has won 36 national and international prizes, and several awards for completed buildings, and he is co-director of Arquitectos, the official architectural magazine of the National Architects Association of Spain (Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España-CSCAE) since 2006.

In 2016 he is appointed Full Professor at Technische Universität Berlin, chair of Architekturdarstellung und Gestaltung (Architectural Representation and Design), and director of CoLab/Berlín, a research space in connection with CoLaboratorio, founded in Madrid in 2009 together with A.Ribot, J.G.Germán y D.G.Setién.


Felipe Samarán studied architecture in Darmstadt (Germany) and Madrid ETSAM where he graduated in 1995. He held an important cooperative activity, which developed more intensely during their stay in Nicaragua since the '95  to '97.

He worked with Alberto Campo Baeza from '97 to '02 who coauthored the General Savings Fund Granada, and participated in the strategic plan of the New Town Telecommunication Telefonica in Madrid, among other projects.

Since 2002 has its own ARTEctura study with such varied works as the building Minerva (near the Casa Encendida) The school Highlands Los Fresnos (Boadilla del Monte), the comprehensive rehabilitation plan of the City of Aguarda (Pontevedra) "waist Key "SOPA or restaurant Madrid among others.

He started teaching Teaching classes of projects in A.I. ETSAM, from '02. Since 2006 he is professor and director of the School of Architecture UFV (Francisco de Vitoria University).



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