"People is bigger than buildings" by SUSO33: a lattice as a canvas

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Artistic intervention
Total facade area
2,713.52 sqm.

. Suso33

SUSO33 (Madrid, 1973), A maverick creator, which starting from graffiti and street art are overwhelmed, unfolding over three decades a trans-disciplinary work that dissolves the boundaries between painting, performance, and performing arts. His work part of the excitement, action and commitment to the community.

His work has been developed over the past three decades, and covers different fields ranging from its beginnings as a graffiti writer to his stage projects; while he is proposing a journey to their concerns: existential angst, preference for ephemeral art, the recovery of public space for citizens and criticism of the social system that excludes the marginalized.


David Frutos Ruiz was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 11-12-1973 and lives between Murcia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He graduated in Information Sciences with a specialization in Visual and Auditory Image, Complutense University, Madrid, 1999.

He is primarily engaged in architecture photography and owns all the necessary equipment to meet technical and aesthetic standards of this photography branch. Among his methods, he uses a large format digital camera, Cambo Wide DS, with 6 digital, wide image circle lens and a Leaf Aptus 75 digital support.

He owns a photography studio designed by architect Enrique Nieto. Founding partner of BisImages portal dedicated to managing photographic collections of architecture in publications around the world. www.bisimages.com

His current web site is www.davidfrutos.com and holds over 4000 photographs. He has photographed over 600 buildings in Spain. Head of the Photography Section at ”Catálogos de Arquitectura” magazine with which he has made the last 13 numbers. His publishing career is supported by more than 400 publications in magazines and books worldwide.

In 2009 he was awarded for his photographs in collaboration with advertising agency Communication Germinal a Gold Laus, a Silver Laus and a Bronze Laus in other campaigns. In 2009 he obtained a Silver Laus with F33 agency.

He also teaches and has carried out various exhibitions.




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