Public parking El Carbonero by CiO estudio

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CiO estudio, Japi Contonente and Sara Ojanguren arquitectos.
Francisco Mena, Construcciones Emilio Cueto S.L. (construction company).
2.300 m².
575,000€. 250€/m².
Padre Suárez St., Oviedo, Spain.

Japi Contonente and Sara Ojanguren. CiO estudio

CiO estudio is an office established in 2012 by the architects Japi Contonente and Sara Ojanguren, located both in Madrid and Barcelona. It is the result of a permanent professional collaboration which started in 1995, when they started together their architecture studios in Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid.

This collaboration through the time has served as a place of interchange and enrichment between what both have in common, architecture, and as well in this fields in which they have been developing independently.

CiO estudio currently develops architecture projects, interior design, digital fabrication, scenography and interactives. Their work methodology begins with a deep analysis of the statements: physic context, economic, technological, material and social of the project, whatever it will be the scale and budget. This aspects provide several inputs, complex questions which have to be answer with both easy and effective answers.

This questions make reference to the funcional part, but also to the sensorial, experimental, sustainability, economic viability of the project, its management, etc. The result is a complex process, where architect/designer/creator works as a organizer of knowledge and resources, with the goal of taking closer to the final solution with emotion and equilibrium.

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