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Jean-François Rauzier. French artist, born 1952. Fascinated by photography from an early age, Jean-François Rauzier graduated from the School Louis Lumière in 1976. He has since been working as a professional photographer, while developing a personal creative work.

In 2002, his artistic work takes an innovative and radical turn: he invents the concept of the HYPERPHOTO. He creates virtual images consisting of several hundreds of shots, taken with a telephoto lens and assembled by computer.

In his monumental works he mixes the infinitely big and the infinitesimal, in a profusion of details so unusual as fascinating. The image thus recomposed numerically gives way to the dreamlike world of the artist.

For a few years, this virtuoso of the digital technologies has been receiving the recognition and praise of his peers. He is the winner of prestigious artistic and photographic awards: in 2006, the show Up-date in Berlin awarded him the Screenings prize, in 2008, he received the Arcimboldo award for the digital creation, in 2009 he was rewarded by the APPPF in the category photograph of architecture and in 2010 he received the Eurazeo prize.

His works immerse the spectator into a dreamlike, sometimes fantastic universe. They offer a reflection on reality, the place of man in the city, the perception of the world and an invitation to a an exceptional journey.

He is exhibited throughout the world : New York, Londres, Los Angeles, Paris ou Séoul…



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