Reconversion into a multifunctional room of a former boiler house, near Prague, by Atelier Hoffman

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Atelier Hoffman – Ing.arch. Patrik Hoffman
Ing.arch.- Simona Benátska
In collaboration with
MgA. Matyáš Švejdík , Ing.arch.- Rudolf Pástor. Ing.arch.- Tomáš Havlíček
Pelupro s.r.o.
Architectural design and construction.- Atelier Hoffman. Construction details.- Atelier Hoffman and M3M s.r.o.Architectural design and construction.- Ing. Ivan Píša. Fire safety solution.- Jan Drahos. Air-conditioning.- JVB Engineering s.r.o. Heating.- Ing. Martin Kratěna. Plumbing (water piping and sewage).- Ing. Martin Kratěna. Gas-related equipment.- Ing. Martin Kratěna. Power lines.- ELEPRO, s.r.o. Light current.- ELEPRO, s.r.o. The GASTRO project.- GAST-PRO s.r.o. Garden project/design.- Terra Florida s.r.o. – Ing.arch. Lucie Vogelova
Areál Šroubáren Libčice nad Vltavou, Czech Republic
Building site area.- 1696 m². Built-up area.- 886 m². Net internal area.- 1391,83 m². Gross internal area.- 1688 m². Gross building volume.- 10,112 m³
Designing works.- 2014–2017. Building construction.- 2015–2017. Interior.- 2017–2018

Atelier Hoffman - Patrik Hoffman Hoffman

Atelier Hoffman. Atelier Hoffman is an award-winning architectural studio based in Prague. They enjoy working with wood, metal, concrete and industrial. Founded especially by the architect Patrik Hoffman, which is slowly recovering thanks to the delicate archaeological reconstruction of the old industrial buildings from the authentic brick construction. The conversion of Uhelný Mlýn into a cultural transmitter and design center in the vicinity of Prague was awarded the Grand Prix Prize in 2013.

The range of our projects is very varied. They don´t fear complex projects, on the contrary, they say they are ready to work, realize their ideas and fulfill their dreams.

They have been awarded the Grand Prix Prize in 2013 and the 2013 Construction Award.




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