"Recorridos / Percorsi" Arquitectos Ayala.

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.1940. Born in Badajoz. Spain.

.1968. Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Madrid.
.1984-86. Dean of the College of Architects of Extremadura. Counselor at the Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain.

.1990. Selected in the First Exhibition of 10 years of Spanish Architecture from 1980 to 1990.

. Since 1991
Design-Professor of Architecture School of Madrid. Panelist, as representative of the contestants in numerous competitions in architecture and urbanism at the national level. Guest lecturer in courses, seminars and conferences in various Schools and Colleges of Architects Architecture, (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valladolid, Karlsruhe (Germany), Graz (Austria), Medellin, Bogota (Colombia), La Sapienza Rome). ...).

.1992. Third Biennial Prize of Spanish Architecture. Production Center for T.V.E. Sevilla.

.1994. PAD Award for Architecture.

.1996. Award V Biennial of Spanish Architecture. Office Building for the Ministry of Interior, Cops. Madrid.

.2004. Commissioner of the Spanish Pavilion of the ninth Venice Architecture Biennale. In parallel she practices as a painter, participating in various competitions, exhibitions, biennials, etc .... as well as performing solo regularly. Some of his works currently belong to different institutions like MEIAC, the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain, Official College of Architects (Madrid, Extremadura), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caceres and private collectors. Exhibition of Watercolours in the Exhibition Hall of the College of Civil Engineers and Port of Madrid. Year 2002. Arco 96, Madrid. Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Education and Science organized by COADE, Badajoz. Year 1996. Seiquer Gallery, Madrid. Year 1995. XV century house, Segovia. Year 1994. Biosca Gallery, Group Exhibition. 1991, 1992 and 1993.





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