Reflection on domesticity in times of pandemic. Present-Pasts for an Emotional Context by Conjuntos Empáticos

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Laura González Caballero y Cristina Pardo.
Total area.- 133sqm.
Completion date.- May 27th, 2021.
Cooperating persons
Construction and lighting.- Intervention. Artists of the exhibition.- Plastique Fantastique; Andrea Muniáin; Buj Studio; EMBT (Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue); Andrés Jaque / Office of Political Innovation; Paula Ulargui; JAJAxD [Diego Jiménez and Juana Sánchez + (DJ Arquitectura), Aitor Frías + Joaquín Perailes (AFAB) and Álvaro Carrillo]; Francisco Bongiovanni + Marta Vaquero + Manuel de Vega; and New-Territories_S / him (F. Roche).
Floor covering.- Mirrored fabric, Purple velvet fabric, and Purple fair carpet. Walls.- Flexible metal cylinders, aluminum insulator, mirror methacrylate, and iridescent polyethylene. Textiles.- Silver curtain.

Sálvora Feliz, Marta Benito, Noemí Díaz. Conjuntos Empáticos

Conjuntos Empáticos is a non-profit association that was founded in 2012 with various purposes such as disseminating works developed in the fields of architecture, art or pedagogy; stimulate the development of these areas of knowledge; encourage citizens in participation processes related to architecture at different scales, both the most domestic and the most infrastructural; execute facilities, refurbishment actions, reform processes or educational dynamisations; promote the revitalization of areas of conflict; encourage research processes; spread knowledge of architecture, art, education or new technologies; and disseminate good practices in these fields.

This structure formed mainly by young architects and architecture students, generates processes of human development through reflection, participation and collective construction of knowledge from the subjects and actors of society, with the ability to promote different initiatives in the world of architecture. and culture, as well as the direct implication of research results developed in these fields and tested in the daily actions of the day to day, carrying out a close and participatory work.

For the development of these purposes, activities such as traveling exhibitions, courses, workshops, participation in congresses, participatory dynamics, discussion groups, facilities or citizen cooperation projects, among others, are generated. These activities have been implemented in schools, festivals and collective meetings such as Eme3, La Playa-220, Arquitecturas Colectivas or MediaLab Prado.

His work has been exhibited in the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 and 2018; selected in the International Design Awards 2019 and in the Emporia Awards 2018; nominated for the Simon Architecture Prize 2019 and 2021; and cataloged in the Bienal Arquia Próxima 2018-19, among others.

Founders in 2012: Sálvora Feliz, Jose A. Corno, Guillermo González Requeijo, Rodrigo González, Eva Alcalde and Fabiola Marroyo.



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