Renovation of the image of sales areas in the WiZink Center by Puerto y Martín Arquitectos

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Puerto y Martín Arquitectos. Pepe Martín Puerto y Pinar Martín Martín. Collaborator architect.- Nicolás Martín.
FINSA.- Revestimientos de madera. Tableros chapados ‘Roble Hera’ acabado Sega. COSENTINO.- Revestimientos de piedra. Silestone Eternal Marquina. KEOPS.- Revestimientos cerámicos Gloss White & Black. AROMAS DEL CAMPO.- Iluminación decorativa.
135,00 m²
Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid ‘WiZink Center’. Avenida de Felipe II, S/N, 28009 Madrid

Puerto y Martín

Puerto y Martín is a Madrid-based studio that develops architecture, interior design and ephemeral projects, based on experience, innovation and detail.
Pepe Martín Puerto and Pinar Martín Martín decided to join in 2017, starting a new stage, after years of collaboration, to contribute the sum of their experience in terms of design, construction and construction management. The study focuses on projects as new opportunities to investigate, with different tools, the possibilities of an environment through architectural practice.
Each assignment is treated in a unique way, generating a specific team according to the required needs, and involving both clients and professionals involved in the decisions and solutions adopted.

The study work is based on the combination of individual capacities to generate a multidisciplinary team, raised from the debate and open to new contributions that can improve each project.



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