Restoration of a historic theatre in the Beaux-Arts style. Théâtre d’Evreux by OPUS 5 architectes

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Design team
Bruno Decaris, Agnès Pontremoli, Pierre Tisserand.
Scenography.- Luc Perrier. Structure.- Batiserf Ingénierie. Acoustics.- Impedance. Economist.- Icegem. Security.- Batiss. Demolition / earthwork / structural work / VRD.- Léon Grosse. Metal frame.- ERTCM. Waterproofing / cladding / zinc roofing.- JOLY. Joinery ext. aluminum / curtain walls / metalwork.- MGE. Exterior wood joinery.- La Fraternelle. Interior wood joinery.- JPV. Partitions / linings.- AIB. Suspended ceilings.- BTH. Flexible floors / tiles / earthenware.- Bonaud. Painting.- MORIN. Elevator / lifting platform.- Orona. Plumbing / HVAC / smoke extraction.- Sovimef. Electricity.- Oisselec. Locksmith and stage equipment.- Tambe. Sound and audiovisual systems.- Auvisys. Restoration of decorations and decoration paintings.- ENRRI. Scaffolding and platforms for the restoration of decorations and decor paints.- Material Rental Service.
Ville d’Evreux.
2,500 sqm.
€8,000,000 excl. VAT.
September 2019.
Armchairs.- Jezet Seating. Scenic hangings.- Azur Scenic. Scenic flooring.- VTI. Stage lighting.- Lagoona.
Evreux, France.

Bruno Decaris, Agnès Pontremoli, Pierre Tisserand. OPUS 5 arquitectes

Opus 5 architectes Founded by Bruno Decaris and Agnès Pontremoli thirty years ago, the agency was enriched in 2011 by the experience of Pierre Tisserand.

Bruno Decaris, finished his architecture studies at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, in1974. He has been teacher at La Défense School of Architecture, Notre Dame University, and l´Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-Malaquais. Since 1984 is Chief Architect for Historical Monuments in France.

Agnes Pontremoli, architect since 1974 by l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, works in association with Bruno Decari since 1979 at the OPUS 5 Atellier.

They are experts in old buildings interventions. They have done lots of rehabilitation and restauration projects including the Falaise Castle, Ardenne Abbey. They won in 2010 the Architecture Bretagne Prize, because of the House at Belle-Ile.




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