Revisiting the 90s: MFO Park in Zurich

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Burckhardt+Partner AG Zurich / Raderschallpartner AG.
Engineers.- Basler & Hofmann, Zurich. Furniture.- Frédéric Dedelley, Zurich. Light concept.- Charles Keller, St. Gallen.
Grün Stadt Zürich.
6,300 m² aprox.
Competition.- 1997-1998.
Design.- 1999 -2001.
Building works.- 2001 - 2002.
Completion.- 2002.
James-Joyce-Strasse, Zurich Oerlikon, Switzerland.
Michael Fritschi.

Samuel Schultze. Burckhardt+Partner AG Zurich

Burckhardt+Partner AG Zurich is a Swiss architectural and general planning practice with sites in Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. The company was founded in 1951 in Basel. In 1981, it was converted into a stock corporation. Around 50 members of the management staff, partners, associate partners and associates hold responsibility and share in the commercial success as shareholders. The partners constitute the company management.

Samuel Schultze is current CEO of the company, Delegate of the Board of Directors and responsible for the Basel Site since 2010. He studied architecture and urban development at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and obtained his diploma in 1983 from Professor Dolf Schneebeli. In 1996/97, he completed the General Management course at the WWZ Centre for Economics of the University of Basel. In 1985, he joined the Muttenz branch of Burckhardt+Partner AG as a young design architect. He is member of the company management since 1993.

Sibylle Aubort, Roland Raderschall, Markus Fierz. Raderschallpartner AG

Landscape Architects Raderschallpartner AG is led by Sibylle Aubort, Roland Raderschall and Markus Fierz. The office looks for innovative solutions for a new garden culture that takes into account the changing living conditions in our cities, their work and their living environment. The research-based development of contemporary landscape architecture is characterized by both the knowledge and exploration of the history of urban design and the art of gardening and by the testing and application of new materials, techniques and high-quality, cost-conscious and sustainable designs.

Among the office's work, we can find the grounds for Sunnemätteli Bäretswil, the school scope for HPS Langenthal and the schoolhouse Nägelimoos in Kloten, the centre Leue in Männedorf and the South Garden for Weiherschloss Bottmingen, the townhouse M1 in Freiburg and the Kongresshaus garden in Biel.




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