Ryokuen no Su (Green Edge House)

Ryokuen no Su (Green Edge House)
mA-style Architects [Fujieda – City Sizuoka] Japan.
metalocus, Luis Terrain.
Japanese studio mA-style Architects designed the Ryokuen no Su (Green Edge House) with a hidden garden around its perimeter. A white rock garden filled with trees and shrubs between glazed rooms and floating windowless walls. The house for a residential site in Fujieda, Sizuoka Prefecture. The architects propose that residents would be better with an intimate view of their surroundings, so they designed a small private garden around an wall-house. A nice interpretation about inner and surrounding.

Memory of project. Ryokuen no Su (Green Edge House).

Design Plan.- There was the building site on a gently sloping hill. It is land for sale by the lot made by recent land adjustment here. The land carries the mountains on its back in the north side and has the rich scenery which can overlook city in the south side. However, it was hard to feel the characteristic of the land because it was a residential area lined with houses here. Consideration to the privacy for the neighbourhood was necessary in a design here because it was a residential area.

Therefore at first we imagined a house with an inner court having a courtyard. However, indoor privacy is not kept in the architecture around the courtyard. In addition, light and the air are hard to circulate, too. Therefore we wanted to make a house with an inner court having a vague partition.

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