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Sandra Pereznieto

Sandra Pereznieto. She studied photography in one of the few photo schools that existed in Mexico City while she studied Communication and Cinema at the Universidad Iberoamericana.
After at least ten years of dedicating to architectural photography in Mexico, she received a scholarship to study a Postgraduate Program at PompeuFabra in Barcelona, ​​where she has lived and worked for almost twenty years.
She collaborates with prestigious Mexican and Spanish architects photographing private and public spaces in both continents.
She is currently working on projects in Brazil, Peru, Romania and Mexico. She was selected as a finalist in the 2015 Lens Culture Street Photography Awards for her project Back to Silence.
Her images have been published frequently in national and international magazines such as METALOCUS, Domus, Casabella, Mark Magazine, Wallpaper *, Metropolis, LandscapeArchitecture Magazine, ArchitecturalDigest, AU, Summa, C3, IW, Arquine, Space, On Design, Area, Interior Design among others with covers on several of them. He collaborates in book publications with publishers such as Taschen, Gestalten, Frechmanpublications, Rizzoli, Loft and Arquine and in newspaper magazines such as La Vanguardia Magazine, El País Semanal and Entre Muros del Reforma.

She currently lives between two cities, constantly traveling to the sites where the works she photographs and the projects she carry out years ago.



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