Marcela Grassi. Woman Photographer

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Marcela Grassi

Marcela Grassi, a training architect seven years ago, discovers her true vocation: photography. Inspired by her knowledge of art, she transmits through photography, the beauty of architecture in relation to its environment.

The sensitivity to capture the essence of the work and the meticulous study of light to give depth to his photography are other signs of Marcela Grassi's identity that works with the same intensity on public space and interior design projects.

Marcela Grassi has collaborated with EMBT Miralles Tagliabue, MBM Architects, BAAS Architecture, Penzel Architects, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Ricardo Bofill, Piero Lissoni and Carlos Ferrater among others and their photographs have been published in prestigious magazines such as METALOCUS, Casabella, The Plan, Interior Design, C3, Arquitectura Viva or Elle Decor Italia.



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