Intervention in Oliva Artés factory by BAAS Arquitectura.

Intervention in Oliva Artés factory by BAAS Arquitectura.
[BCN] Spain.
Inside view. Intervention in Oliva Artés factory by BAAS Arquitectura. Photograph © Marcela Grassi. Courtesy of BAAS arquitectura.
The new office of the Museum of History of Barcelona (MUHBA) by BAAS Arquitectura is located in the former mechanic - metallurgist factory, built in 1920 in Poblenou.

BAAS Arquitectura's main idea was to liberate the space of the factory to obtain by this way a maximum flexibility, respecting the basilical floor, and taking advantage of the space for the zone of exhibitions with a constant tour. In the project they use the steel sheet as material of intervention and to construct the necessary elements for the adjustment of the space.

Description of the project by BAAS arquitectos

Once the old nave has been consolidated and protected, while the works are not restarted to build the new MUHBA headquarters, it was decided to open the precinct to the general public. For this reason, it has been designed a temporary bathrooms and it has been prepared an exposition that wants to be like the exposition that we will see in the future.

The project wants to solve the intervention in one easy action. It more

Jordi Badia.
Jero Gutiérrez + Andreu Egido (project m
anager), BAAS Arquitectura + ALbert Romagosa Design Cabinet (graphic design), Rogel Castro, Joaquín Coronas, Xavier Gracia, Iñaki Gargallo, Sara Vidal.
1456 sqm.
Completed in 2015.
Carrer d'Espronceda, 142-146, Barc
elona, Spain.


Jordi Badia (Barcelona, 1961) graduated in architecture from the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture) in 1989. Between 1989 and 1993 he practiced a professional partnership with Tonet Sunyer. In 1994 founded the BAAS architecture study, Jordi Badia combines his professional task of an architect with that of a professor at the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAB since 2001 more