Strings, color and light. Corolla by Inés Esnal

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Inés Esnal
Art Consultant.- Easel Art Consulting; Laura Reagan. Structural Consultant.- Mariano Molina & KPFF; Andrea.Hektor, Sean Kelton. Lighting Consultant.- Glumac; Jesse Smith, Alejandra Paniagua. Assistant Installation.- Carolina Heras. Installation.- Art Installation Services; Isaac Karner, J Clay, James Anderegg, Steve Anderegg, Stephen Alsobrook, Jeff Richards, Eric Wall, and Kellan Loew. Structure Installation.- Buildmark; Jamie Schwarz, Patty Yanker, Dave Goshorn. Installation documentation.- Connor McKeen. Computer Visualization.- Mateo Fernández-Muro (renderings), Amir Amiri (software consultant).
East West Partners; Jay Lambiotte, Katie Wear.
Elastic cord on integrated steel frame / 27'-0"x 25'-0"x 10'-4".
Imagen subliminal.
Building Architect
GBD arquitectos; Scott Martin, Craig Norman, Michael Coon.

Inés Esnal

Ines Esnal is a New York City based artist and architect. Her training and practice in architecture greatly influences her designs and ideas about art in relation to space, from both experiential and aesthetic perspectives.

1997 - 2004 _ License Architect from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM). Madrid, Spain.

2000 - 2001 _ Ècole d’ Architecture de Paris-Belleville (EAPB). Paris, France.

2007 - 2008 _ Master of Science Degree, Advanced Architectural Design. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Columbia University, New York City.

2003 - 2013_ Collaborated with architectural studios: Perkins Eastman, Enrique Norten, Cesar Ruiz Larrea, Josep Llinas and Jean Nouvel among others.

2014_ Founded Studio ESNAL.



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