Swap on the river. Sava Activities by Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

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Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio. Authors.- Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, Sara Palomar Pérez.
Design team
Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, Sara Palomar Pérez, Jose Luis Hidalgo, Barış Can Cüce, Zeynep Küheylan, Ozan Şen, Rana Zehra İmam.
Local consultancy.- Arhitektura minimal d.o.o. Structural project.- Ultra Studio d.o.o. Electrical project.- ETS Farago d.o.o. Installation project.- Sinerji Dinamik Proje Mühendislik. Fire safety project.- Inspekting d.o.o.
City of Zagreb - City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City
Openact Architecture Ltd.
Competition.- 2015. Project.- 2017. Completed.- 2019 (Phase 1)
Total area.- 105,000 m². (Phase 1) Builded area.- 2534 m². (Phase 1)

Sara Palomar. SaraPalomar Studio

SaraPalomar Studio is a young creative office based in Madrid and founded in 2017. Sara Palomar have worked and collaborated with several national and international architectural firms . We are interested in architecture, art, design, sociology, technology and politics as a way of enhance and promote urban coexistence.

Sara runs her own architecture practice and is co-founder of AOA, Another Office of Architecture, a collaborative platform for architecture, art, research and other shared interests.

Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz. Openact Architecture

Openact Architecture is a multiple design practice that operates within the fields of architecture and urbanism. Founded by Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, OPENACT has received several international and national awards in multiple architecture and design competitions. The studio’s work has been exhibited in numerous venues across Spain and Turkey, as well as the United States, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, and China. Their academic research and works have been published in several books and journals including: Water Index, Praznine, Cornell AAP Association, Mimarist, The Petropolis of Tomorrow, Yapi, Scenario Journal and UEM Reia.

OPENACT has received national and international recognition for innovative design work and research.



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