Textures value. Hotel Huayacán by T3arc

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Proyect and Construction
Alfredo Raymundo Cano, T3arc
Melania Román
In t3arc: Pedro Güereca, Alba Guerrera, Alberto de Lorenzo, Rupa Rodríguez, Nayeli Rosales, Yesenia Castruita, Nadia Zamir. In construction: Guillermo León, Landscape; Melania Román, Alberto Campos, Santiago Cuasinque, Moisés Cuasinque, Guadalupe Albino, Raúl García, Abraham Mercado, Jacinto López, Roberto Best, Israel Peña, Christian Huerta, Mario Chávez. RML Iluminación. Structure: Ing. Luis Carlos Paganoni Muzquiz. Ing. Maximiliano Talonia.
Structural Calculation
Ing. Luis Carlos PaganoniMuzquiz. Ing. Maximiliano Talonia
Jiutepec Morelos, Mexico
Tezontepec 200 Lomas de Jiutepec
2600 m²

Alfredo Raymundo Cano Briceño T3Arc

T3arc is an atelier of art an architecture that works from Cuernavaca the development of different architectural projects, the construction and the art within them. Since 2005, the studio has sought to respond to the needs of its clients by being aware of the natural, historical and social environment, recognizing that each of them represents a different and precise challenge of a particular approach.



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