Thresholds - Woman & Temporary Architecture

Thresholds - Woman & Temporary Architecture
[Murcia] Spain. 26.10.2015 > 31.10.2015
Promotional poster. Umbrales Event. Image courtesy of Umbrales. Click above to see larger image.
A celebration of ephemeral architecture has opened its doors in the city of Murcia (Spain) on October 26th, Monday. Five window displays of downtown shops will temporarily present alternative designs signed by young female architects.

The event, following the theme of 'Thresholds. Display Actions from Professional Women '[Umbrales. Acciones Escaparatistas de Mujeres Profesionales], supposes an important innovation in the Spanish window display situation. These temporary displays go against the established visual merchandising, thanks to the decision of combining temporary commercial architecture with the exclusive intervention of female architects. The decision to develop woman-solely designs comes, according to the project developer -Amparo Martínez Vidal-, from the need to strengthen women's leadership in the creative field, where the presence of women is drastically reduced.

This action may produce a positive impact on the city with the promotion of the need to upgrade the urban commercial image. Urban trading spaces are enhanced through a sensible design that combines commercial activity with society, culture and leisure. These qualities can favor this commercial form to stand out amongst less interesting forms of trading, such as shopping malls and online sales.

In addition, on the first two days of the event, the 26th and 27th October, lectures and workshops on the previous topics have been held in parallel.

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