Using color to organize spaces. São Sebastião 123 by ALA.rquitectos

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167 sqm.
Rua de São Sebastião da Pedreira 123.
Lisbon, Portugal.

Mafalda Ribeiro Ambrósio, João Gomes Leitão. ALA.rquitectos

ALA.rquitectos. Lisbon-based architecture studio founded by architects Mafalda Ribeiro Ambrósio and João Gomes Leitão, based in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Both worked for 5 years in Madrid, collaborating with various studios, recognizing them as a platform to experiment with ideas and concepts, obtaining a model of how to do architecture well. At the same time, they developed an independent activity, having participated in several competitions, where they obtained some honorable mentions (Europan10 in Lisbon; Experimenta Design'09/Galp for the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the 2nd ring road). They also gained presence in the exhibition and the catalogue, as finalists of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale'10 competition, Casa em Luanda: Pátio e Pavilhão.

Upon returning to Lisbon in 2011, they continue to participate in national and international competitions and, in 2014, they won the invitational competition for the Casa Crédito do Porto.

Rehabilitation is a topic that they develop with special attention in the study. In times of crisis, it is an activity with potential, in which they position themselves with an attitude of providing value-added services. With several rehabilitation works underway in the Lisbon area, exhaustive monitoring of the works and high cost control are factors that they consider fundamental in the service they provide to their clients.



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