Visual relationships and open space. 1907.H Dwelling refurbishment in Barcelona by LAOS

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Design team
Xavier Botet, Albert Saboya.
Barcelona, Spain.

Xavier Botet, Albert Saboya. LAOS

LAOS is an architecture and design studio founded in Barcelona in 2018 by the architects Xavier Botet (ETSAB-UPC 2010 | Master in Calculation of Structures 2012) and Albert Saboya (ETSAB-UPC 2009 | Master in Restoration of Architectural Monuments 2013).

The studio understands architecture as the necessary conjunction between functionality, rationality and aesthetics; a tool and opportunity to improve the conditions of a place and the people who inhabit it.

The practice of the studio encompasses projects of very diverse scales and typologies, ranging from housing refurbishments and interior design to public facilities.

With the utmost rigor, from the first sketches to the execution phase, the aim of the studio is to carry out a constant exploration and investigation of new solutions and systems to achieve buildings integrated with the environment and with the maximum use of available natural resources.
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