Vltava Dreams. Revitalization of Prague riverfront area by petrjanda/brainwork

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petrjanda/brainwork. Lead architects.- Petr Janda, Anna Podroužková, Maty Donátová, Bára Simajchlová.
Drawings cooperation.- Petr Souček, Stanislav Pech (Sokoban studio). Structure.- Pavel Roubal (Agile Consulting Engineer).
The City of Prague.
Linear public space of the waterfront promenade in a total length of about 4 km.
Project year.- 2009-2019. Completion year.- 2019.
Glazing.- Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc., USA. Window frames.- Sipral. Engine and safety components.- Strojírna Kukleny. Special steel structures - doors and bars.- Lukáš and Pavel Rais (Industriality). Special isolation and concrete structures, torkrets, floors, stairs.- Leo Lappy (AVE-servis). Sgraffiti carved in surfaces.- Alessandra Svatek a Artur Magrot. Patination.- Matěj Lipavský, Petr Stibral. HVAC.- František Arnošt (Active Elements). Wiring.- EL-EX, BREMA. Lights.- Ateh. Infrared heaters.- Pavel Charvát (Infrasystémy). Atypical doors.- ORTA STUDIO, Forlit & Metal. Sanitary equipment, automatic washbasins.- Sanela. Flood control.- EKO-SYSTEM.
Floating toilets, terminal.- cyrany.com Floating pool.- SDAR.

Petr Janda

Petr Janda is an architect and an artist. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague (School of prof. Jan Bočan) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (the School of Monumental Art of prof. Aleš Veselý). In 2008, he founded his own studio petrjanda/brainwork.

He frequently participates in architectural competitions and exhibitions (also as a jury member), and has won several awards (Grand Prix of Architects 2007, BigMat 13‘ – Memorial to victims of communism in Liberec, etc.) Between 2011 and 2014, he was a member of the board of the Czech Chamber of Architects and a chairman of the Promotion of Architecture working group. He has been engaged in the revitalization of the Prague riverfront since 2009, and in 2017, became the main architect of this area.

The current members of the team are Anna Podroužková, Kateřina Tšponová and Maty Donátová.



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