Where darkness lies, between truth and lies. Blackout protocol by HQ Architects

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Project team
Keshet Rosenblum, Josh Horovitz, Ayal Pomerantz, Dor Bellaiche, Erez Ella.
Installations.- Stuart Semple & Culture Hustle.
Timber Assembly and Construction.- Hadar Peretz.
Thursday, June 22 - Thursday, 29 June 2023.
Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology 14 Gedalyahu Alon, St., Jerusalem, Israel.
Dor Kedmi, Irina Ashik, Nadav Moise, HQ Architects.

Erez Ella HQ Architects

HQ Architects was founded in Tel Aviv in 2008 by Erez Ella, and is currently comprised by a creative team of 35 people, of whom 30 are architects, based in Tel Aviv. The practice combines innovative and high quality design with strong technical expertise, and spearheads the design and construction over many projects of various scales in Israel and abroad.

Public projects are key to HQ Architects’ development. These include designs for a public transportation terminal, a new wing for the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance, twenty Kindergarten complexes, a youth center, and a student village in the Negev Desert. They designed “Warde”, an urban installation located in the heart of Jerusalem as part of the municipality’s effort to improve urban space in the city center.

Among HQ Architects most noted current projects are the House for singing – a choir performance hall in Israel -, the Vakko Art Foundation in Istanbul and the renovation of the Wix Auditorium at the Weizmann Institute of Science among others. HQ Architects’ is part of US-Israeli team for NASA challenge “Habitat on Mars” - with the aim to establish a 3D printed habitat for future astronauts on Mars.
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