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Caledonia “Callie” Dance Curry SWOON

Caledonia Dance Curry, aka Swoon, was born in 1978 in Connecticut USA, but grew up in Florida in a world of marshes and fishermen. In 1999 began his career as a street artist. At 19 she moved to New York and studied painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute.  In 2002 he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute, New York. She won the 2002 Scholarship Evolutionaere Zellen, in 2007 Lambent Fellowship, Tides Foundation. Lives and works in New York, NY.

Swoon's exhibitions and workshops in the United States and Europe have included collaborations with the art collectives, Glowlab, Black Label, Change Agent, the Madagascar Institute and the Barnstormers. Her work was included in P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center’s Greater New York 2005, and appeared in Deitch Projects’ special design district space art Art Basel Miami 2005 and at MOMA and the Brooklyn Museum in 2006. In 2007 the Hui No'eau on Maui hosted Swoon under their visiting artist program wing of their internationally acclaimed Hui Press print studios. For two weeks she taught and collaborated with gifted Maui children in the creation of woodblock prints which they installed in the Hui No'eau gallery.

Swoon is a founding member of the art collective the Miss Rockaway Armada a group which built large rafts out of salvaged materials and floated them down the Mississippi River in 2006 and 2007.

In the summer of 2008 she presented a two-part exhibition with Deitch Projects called Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea. A journey of seven handmade sculptural wooden rafts from Troy, NY down the Hudson River and up the East River in New York City to the Deitch Studios gallery. In the same year, Swoon was featured in Chiara Clemente's documentary "Our City Dreams".

Swoon and a crew of 30 crashed the 2009 Venice Biennale with "The Clutchess of Cuckoo," a performance project similar to the Miss Rockaway Armada and the Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea that sailed from Slovenia in boats made of New York City garbage, stopping at various points on the way to Certosa Island. They "barnstormed" the Grand Canal at 3:00 a.m.

Swoon pasted up works on various North Philadelphia buildings as part of Philagrafika 2010.


Maya Hayuk nació en 1969 en Baltimore. Se graduó de la Facultad de Arte y Diseño de Massachusetts y por la Universidad de Odessa en Ucrania, su país de nacimiento. En los años 90, comenzó su carrera como fotógrafa en la escena punk-rock de Nueva York. Incluso hoy, la música es un elemento clave de su trabajo.

Una artista de muchas facetas, es pintora, fotógrafa, muralista y comisaria. Sus obras abstractas y coloridas son dinámicas, respetando una geometría elaborada. El resultado es un trabajo gráfico de intensidad visual psicodélica. Hayuk cita referencias múltiples como inspiración; explotando el arte popular ucraniano y los mandalas tibetanos, así como la cultura popular y el arte moderno.

Actualmente vive y trabaja en Brooklyn. Sus obras forman parte de diversas instituciones, como el Museo Hammer de Los Ángeles, el Museo Bonnefanten de Maastricht o la Escuela de Artes Visuales de Río de Janeiro.


Born in 1974 in San Francisco, MOMO works primarily in the area of public art.

The aesthetic ideas he develops in his artistic work are abstract, sleek, post-digital and are applied to the flat plane of walls as well as the three-dimensional installations he creates. The resultant graphic work has strong, vivid features- composed of clean lines and pure and primary colors.

These large-scale works have formed the bedrock of his artistic career and have taken him on an endless journey around the world. Even though he was based in New York for six years, and his studio and team are based in New Orleans, MOMO is a real globetrotter. You can find his murals and installations in various cities and countries such as Manhattan, Boston and Philadelphia but also in the South of Italy, France, Belgium, the Caribbean and Mexico.

In 2008 Rojo editions published his first monograph 3 AM-6AM and in 2012 Studio Cromie published his second one entitled in 74 Pieces.


Created in 1999 and based in Brooklyn, FAILE is the artistic partnership of Patrick McNeil (b. 1975) and Patrick Miller (b. 1976). The duo were also associated with the Japanese artist Aiko Nakagawa (Tokyo, b. 1975) until 2006. The artistic duo are Known for their post-punk pop aesthetic of pulp images, which they glue, paint and print in a variety of media and installations. FAILE are largely influenced by the artists of the sixties such as Lichtenstein, Basquiat and Rauschenberg but also by pop culture, comic books and nostalgic imagery in general.

The work is a critique of consumerism whilst it feeds itself on it. It also addresses religious themes and the influence of the media.

They have accumulated many successful collaborations, particularly in the the worlds of fashion and the music- from New York to Ulan Bator via Manilla, London or Lisbon, FAILE’s work occupies public spaces and is shown in international institutions such as the Tate Modern in 2008, the Dallas Contemporary and the New York City Ballet in 2013. The Brooklyn Museum Devoted a retrospective to their work in 2015.


José Juan Barba (1964). Arquitecto por la ETSA Madrid (1991). Doctor Arquitecto ETSA de Madrid (2004). Mención especial en los premios nacionales de terminación de estudios (1991). Funda su estudio en Madrid, 1992 ( Es crítico de arquitectura y director de la revista METALOCUS desde 1999. Asesor de diferentes ONGs hasta 1997. Profesor de Proyectos,  Teoría y Crítica de la Arquitectura y Urbanismo, así como invitado en diferentes universidades nacionales e internacionales (Roma TRE, Politécnico de Milán, ETSA Madrid, ETSA Barcelona, U. Thesaly Volos, UNAM México, F.A. Montevideo, U. Iberoamericana México, IE School, U.Alicante, U.Europea Madrid, UCJC, Washington, Medellín, ESARQ-U.I.C. Barcelona,...).

Maître de Conferencies, IUG-UPMF Grenoble, 2013-14. Profesor Titular de la EA Universidad de Alcalá desde 2003. Su trabajo se ha publicado internacionalmente. Es miembro habitual en los jurados académicos y entre otros, del concurso para la editorial de la revista Quaderns (2011), de los Premios Mies van der Rohe (2015-2017),  o de EUROPAN13 España (2015-16). Ha sido invitado para participar en la Biennale di Venezia 2016 como parte de la exposición "Spaces of Exception / Spazi d'Eccezione".

Ha publicado varios libros, en 2016 "#positions" y en 2015, “Invenciones: Nueva York vs. Rem Koolhaas, Bernard Tschumi, Piranesi”. Y participado en otros como, "Spaces of Exception / Spazi d'Eccezione" (2016) "La mansana de la discordia" (2015), "Arquitectura Contemporánea de Japón: Nuevos territorios" (2015).... Entre los últimos premios ganados: 

- “PIERRE VAGO” ICAC. International committtee of Art Critics AWARD. Londres, 2005.
- “PANAYIOTI MIXELI AWARD”. SADAS-PEA, premio a la difusión de la Arquitectura, Atenas, 2005.
- “SANTIAGO AMÓN” AWARD, premio a la difusión de la Arquitectura. C.O.A.M. Madrid, 2000.
- FAD AWARD 07 Intervenciones Efímeras. Primer Premio. “M.C.ESCHER”. Arquin-Fad.  Barcelona, 2007.
- World Architecture Festival. Centro de Investigación e Interpretación de los Ríos. Tera, Esla y Orbigo. Finalista. Barcelona, 2008
- GRAN VÍA POSIBLE. Primer premio. “Delirious Gran Vía”. Madrid, 2010.



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