A fun couple of architects who interact with architecture

A fun couple of architects who interact with architecture
Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda [from Valencia to all around the World]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
I know the dentists in the house won’t be happy about this, but what would you say if I told you that we’ve recently discover that our favourite type of candy is not only a fun thing to chew, but also a delicious transportation method…? I would say that is pretty gumtastic!. Photograph © Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda
It is the time to travel and everyone takes out their photograph camera to come up with images or memories of those trips.
The couple of architects formed by Anna Devís who is also an illustrator-designer and Daniel Rueda who is an acting architect, do more. They have fun set-up images interacting with architecture and with what they have in the background. These two Valencians combine their passion for traveling, with their corresponding outstanding talents and their intelligent look when it comes to make compositions whose photos to do twice, surpassing the simple photographic play.

The images are compared in their Instagram accounts and are the result of their travels around the world. The compositions are elaborated with care, in some cases choosing even the smallest detail to generate interesting transports, and in any case looking always to have fun but also to construct a message.

The snapshots of Devis and Rueda transmit places, interacting with spaces. They are fixed in partial canvases and not so much in complete visions of the architectures they photograph. Thanks to its smart inns, the city is transformed, becoming everyday exceptional and where architecture makes us dream.

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José Juan Barba (1964) graduated from ETSA Madrid in 1991. Special Mention in the National Finishing University Education Awards 1991. PhD in Architecture ETSAM, 2004. He founded his professional practice in Madrid in 1992 (www.josejuanbarba.com), he is architecture critic and editor-in–chief of METALOCUS m...read more


Daniel Rueda. Recently graduated architect from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) after finishing his final thesis project rated with honors under the mentorship of Eduardo de Miguel and Vicente Corell. While studying he has also worked in the culture department as well as a student representative on the project department. Along with teachers and UPV colleagues, he used to p...read more