Anne Wilson, Illustrator

Anne Wilson, Illustrator
Children Illustrations
metalocus, LAURA CANTO
Snaking through the city. Illustration © Anne Wilson.
This young illustrator born on Ascension Island – a small dot in the middle of the South Atlantic– finds the source of inspiration for her illustration at the bottom of her garden, although it frequently spreads throughout the house as well, depending on how much work she has on and how ‘helpful’ her two girls want to be. She tackle in a sensitive way the research of lots of colours and patterns spending hours browsing through books for kids more than for grown-ups stuff in book shops.

Much of her work is inspired by everyday life, pattern, colour and shape. She incorporates figurative elements, layers and textures, with mixed media, print making and computer techniques.

Her images are constructed in layers, rolling out backgrounds with printing inks, onto which she creates more layers. Stencils, intricately cut and mono printed papers, collage, acrylic washes, painted details and drawing are all part of the process. Some of her images are created entirely in Photoshop, others are created entirely by hand.

He has had significant customer assignments between those found Barefoot Books, National Geographic Children and The BBC, among others.

If you asked her where to live, she would reply you "in a great big tree house and just hang out with the birds and admire the view".


Anne Wilson was graduated in 1996 with a BA in Illustration launched her life as a freelance illustrator. Recently she has completed an MA in Illustration at St Martins College in London, enabling her to push my creative processes and love of the world of children's books further.

Colourful collage and layers of pattern and texture form a large part of my work and helps keep a sense of more