A house, a dichotomy. House-Workshop in Cabanyal by Alberto Burgos and Teresa Carrau Carbonell

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Quantity Surveyor.- Fabian Moll.
Valencia City Council.
140 m².
€ 85,000.
Street Barraca 138-140, PC. 46011, Valencia, Spain.


Alberto Burgos (Barcelona 1956), an architect from the Valencia school in 1983, where he is a project professor, associate since 2000, and a contracted professor since 2010. He defended his thesis, "Timeless Modernity" in 2009 (outstanding cum laude). Professor of the Master on Advanced Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia specialized in Recycling of architecture with light systems. A member of academic tribunals, he has directed more than a hundred PFC, also in international programs and various research projects. He directs several doctoral theses.

His work, collected in various national and international publications, has been repeatedly awarded (IberFad selection, Spanish Architecture Biennial finalist, Camuñas award). He is the author of "Timeless Modernity, with Alejandro de la Sota" (Valencia, 2011) and "Casa Dominguez. La Caeyra ”(Alejandro de la Sota Foundation, Madrid 2013).

Alberto Burgos has his studio in Alicante. Among her works, the Minister of Education and Science of Murcia (1993) and the Military Command of the Navy in Cartagena, the regional award for architecture (1997), national award Antonio Camuñas (1998), was also selected in the FAD and IberFad and the fifth Biennial of Spanish architecture (1997-98).

Other buildings awarded and published are the 48 VPP for the IVVSA in Alicante, selected in the publication on collective housing, En Blanco, 2014. The Regional School of Hospitality of Murcia (regional award of 1990), the 28 social housing in Cartagena (1987 ), and the offices of the Empresa Nacional Bazán (regional award from the 1992 Murcia biennial). The Patio House in San Javier received the private architecture award at the 2007 Murcia Region Biennial.

Teresa Carrau Carbonell

Teresa Carrau Carbonell is an architect by the ETSAV (UPV, 2012), Master in Conservation of Architectural Heritage (UPV 2014) and Doctor in Architecture with outstanding Cum Laude qualification (UPV, 2018) with the thesis “The conservation of the house as Heritage. Alejandro de la Sota's single-family homes ”.

Teresa Carrau Carbonell has studied specialized in Heritage Conservation at the IUAV of Venice (2010-2011) and the Polytechnic of Milan (2016). Finalist in the AADIPA European Heritage Intervention Award.

She has recently published the book "The conservation of the modern house as heritage" with Editorial Design in the Collection of Architecture and Design Texts.

She has been a free profession and in collaboration with the Alberto Burgos Study since 2012. Interested in the conservation of heritage, she has carried out various intervention works on what was built such as the remodeling project of the old El Salvador school in the Municipal Market of Mutxamiel (Alicante, 2018), the housing extension in El Cabanyal declared BIC (Valencia, 2016), the construction of 6 houses in an environment with Environmental Protection and conservation of the protected facade in Torrente (Valencia, 2019) and restoration of the roofs of the Ermita del Calvario in Jávea (Alicante, 2016).



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