A mixed social housing program within the philanthropic spirit of La Zac Boucicaut by Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux

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Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux
7,390 m² usable FA - 8,300 m² net internal area - 7,900 m² floor area
Project Manager
CARAC, ELOGIE and Les Jours Heureux
December 2016
109 apartments units (77 units for CARAC, 24 for ELOGIE and 8 for Les Jours Heureux)
Paris XV, ZAC Boucicaut
13,6 M€

Cédric Petitdidier + Vincent Prioux PETITDIDIER PRIOUX

Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux, born in 1978, they first met in the banks of the school of architecture. Graduates in the year 2002. Then they collaborate in different studies like Atelier Seraji, in the case of Cédric Petitdidier and Lipsky + Rollet in the case of Vincent Prioux. They created the studio PetitdidierPrioux after joining in 2004, when they won the contest "Archi'nova - comment habiterez-vous demain?" Launched by Alliade group. Then they build 55 homes in one of the plots of the Duchère ZAC (Lyon), where they practice a new type of housing units stacked: "maisons-plateaux" The invitation, in 2007, from the Ministry of Education to participate in the competition for the remodeling and extension of the Mounira palace, the IFAO headquarters in Cairo, is an experience that defines its desire to design the public endowments and the passion of the work on the existing city and the memory of the places.
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