A new form of social nature. Gellerup City Park by EFFEKT + SLA

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COWI, Game3, Boris Brormand Jensen.
Brabrand Boligforening, Aarhus Kommune, Realdania.
23 Ha.
2014 - 2019.
Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark.

Tue Hesselberg Foged, Sinus Lynge. EFFEKT

EFFEKT is a research-based architecture and urban planning studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 2007 and currently employs 44 full-time staff under the creative direction of the two founders Tue Hesselberg Foged and Sinus Lynge. With the aim of creating lasting social, economic, and environmental change, EFFEKT has in recent years distinguished itself on the international architecture scene through a number of prestigious and award-winning projects, such as GAME Streetmekka Viborg, a dismissed windmill factory transformed into a sports and culture, the visionary eco-village concept and design for ReGen Villages and the Livsrum Cancer Counselling Center.

Currently, the studio is engaged in project developments in Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, China, Korea, and Australia.

Mette Skjold, Rasmus Astrup, Stig L. Andersson. SLA

SLA is an internationally renowned nature-based design studio. Together they are 130 landscape architects, biologists, anthropologists, and city planners who collaborate on designing cities, public spaces, and nature on all scales.

Founded by Mette SkjoldRasmus Astrup and Stig L. Andersson in 1994 as Stig L. Andersson Landscape Architects, SLA has evolved into an interdisciplinary nature-based design studio with a global presence and offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Oslo. For 30 years, they have designed some of the most notable public spaces and masterplans in the world.



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