A pool among mountains. Baths of Géronde by NAU

A pool among mountains. Baths of Géronde by NAU
Swimming pool series 2016 [Lake of Géronde-Sierre] Switzerland.
metalocus, ÁLVARO LAMAS
Baths of Géronde by NAU. Photography © Roger Frei.
Among summer storms sunshine and heat still raging, so today we propose a doubly refreshing site. Among the mountains of the Swiss Alps, on Lake Géronde, to the refreshing alpine climate a functional pool by the lakeside joins to it.
The studio from Zurich NAU architects have carried out the reform of these ancient baths. Regenerating the coast and building two pools formally very interesting. The complex has been added to those of a complex of this type, such as a cafeteria, infirmary and changing rooms, a waterslide and a walking area for winter provisions when the pool is closed.

Description of the project by NAU

The renovation of the historical outdoor pool complex “Les Bains de Géronde” is designed as a renaturalization of the shore, recreating a sensible connection to the lake. The new pools are conceived as two water surfaces hovering slightly over the lake of Géronde with stairs and boardwalks providing swimmers direct access to the lake. The design of landscape follows organic forms. The shores are re-naturalized using local vegetation such as water lilies, reeds and other indigenous species. The renewed natural landscaping encompasses the swimming area, creating an id...read more

Jean-Lucien Gay, Marc Guinand, Maggie Pl
anchat, Leonard Kocan, Nadine Jerchau, Inez Henny, Roberta Margnetti, Knut Brunier, Murielle Leucker, Martyna Michalik, Stephanie Adamou.
Built area
960 sqm with 640 sqm water area
Construction Management
Giorla & Trautmann Architekten
Civil Engineer
Jean-Marie Viaccoz Sàrl
Enerconseil SA
Mechanical Engineer
BTC Bonvin Technique Concept
Electrical Engineer
RTM Réalisations Techniques Multiples SA
Environmental consultant


Michael J.Brown is an accomplished practitioner with years of experience running high-profile, international projects. Michael worked for Studio Daniel Libeskind in Berlin and New York from 1999 to 2005. There, he directed the design and construction of several award-winning cultural buildings and had a lead role in the World Trade Center competition. Now heading NAU´s Berlin...read more


Jean-Lucien Gay is head of NAU´s Zurich office. Jean-Lucien is an architects and exhibition designer with international background. After studying at he ETH Zurich and at the TU Delft, he took a central role at the Studio Daniel Libeskind (Berlin/New York), designing and building several high profile projects in Europe, Asia and the US. Promoting a cross-border approach, he leads NAU into an experimen...read more


Marc Guinand. During and after the completion of this studies at the ETH in Zurich, Marc Guinand collected experience at various prestigious architectural firms such as OMA, Max Dudler and Tristan Kobler. In 1999, he co-founder Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects, where he developed projects of all scales trough design, planning and construction phases. He considers architecture as not o...read more


Nadine Jerchau following her architectural studies, which traced a line trough the TU-Berlin and the Art Academy Copenhagen. Nadine founded Plan A - a cross-disciplinary think tank promoting process - oriented and intuitive design approaches. As an architects and scenographer, she strengthens NAU´s architecture and exhibition design expertise. Installations, spat ion design a...read more