A project that adds to nature. Kimmen Library by Eddea-Luis Ybarra + Leching Chiang

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Eddea-Luis Ybarra + Leching Chiang.
Proyect team
Team Eddea-Luis Ybarra.- Jose Maria de Cárdenas, Anja Ehrenfried, Carlos Peraita, Claudio Araya, Riccardo Gialoretto, Elena Gonsalve, Ece Sacalli.
Team Leching Chiang.- Le-Ching Yang, Wei-Lin Chiang, Yen-Ting Lai, Yu-Hsuan Teng, Shih-Hui Chen, Chen-Wei Lan, Wen-Chi Chen, Nan-Yen Chang, Lung-Chi.
A.S.Architecture & Structure.- CHEN,KUAN-FAN.
M.H.Wang Architects and Associates.- WANG,MING-HSIEN.
LEECHEN Studio.  
Kimmen County Government.
TBA.- 13.200 sqm.
Site area.- 22.045 sqm.
Competition 02.2022-04.2022.
Kimmen Island, Taiwan.

José María de Cárdenas, Ignacio Laguillo, José Luis López de Lemus, Harald Schönegger, Luis Ybarra. Eddea

EDDEA is an architecture firm, founded in 2005 after the union of DeCYA Architects and Laguillo-Schönegger Architects. The firm is led by its founders: José María de Cárdenas (Architect, ETSA Sevilla, 1993), Ignacio Laguillo (Architect, ETSA Sevilla, 1993), José Luis López de Lemus (Architect, ETSA Sevilla, 1995), Harald Schönegger (Architect IUA Venezia, 1993), Luis Ybarra (Architect, ETSA Sevilla, 1992), have a multidisciplinary team of approximately 40 people. They have a Quality Management System certified by AENOR and IQNet since 2003. In the academic field, they are co-founders of the Doñana Chair of Sustainable Development, Territory in Energy of the University of Huelva.

Among the main recognitions obtained for his work are: Finalist AIT Awards 2012, Selected Philippe Rotthier Award 2011, Finalist Awards ENOR 2011, FAD of Architecture 2007, ASPRIMA Award 2007, Finalist IX Spanish Architecture Biennial, Finalist VI SALONI Awards 2007, Mention VIII Brick Architecture Award 2003/2005, Mention II WIENERBERGER Architecture Award, Mention LUIGI COSENZA Award 2004 and the 2005 BAUWELT Prize. The works of EDDEA have represented Spanish Architecture in the IX and XI editions of the Spanish Architecture Biennial and in the 11th edition of the Venice Biennial.
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