A sensory experience in Greater Paris. Paris Region Headquarters by Ferrier Marchetti Studio

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Project team
Lead arquitect.- Ferrier Marchetti. Interior design of public spaces.- Denu & Paradon. Space planning.- Saguez & Partners. Landscape design.- D’Ici-Là.
60,000 sqm.
Saint-Ouen, France.

Jacques Ferrier, Pauline Marchetti. Ferrier Marchetti Studio

Ferrier Marchetti Studio. Formerly operating as two separate entities, Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Sensual City Studio combined in 2019 to create an exciting new offer: Ferrier Marchetti Studio. Ferrier Marchetti Studio seeks to develop a sensitive, humanist approach to the city, combining sustainable development and new technologies in the quest for innovation and urban delight. The result is a preliminary analysis, procedure and stance which informs the architectural design process. The practice is innovative and idealistic in its approach to what architects can and should be capable of.

Ferrier Marchetti Studio believes that architecture should be a radical agent of change and reinvention. The studio has dedicated itself to producing innovative projects and concepts with a commitment to sustainable development as a backdrop. There are philosophical roots to this approach. The research ethos Sensual City was founded by Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti in 2010 as an open resource for collaboration with other thinkers and signals the practice’s intention to create an interdisciplinary momentum, a radical movement fit for the times we are living in.

‘What is needed now is nothing less than a new humanist revolution’
Ferrier Marchetti Studio is underpinned by this laboratory of ideas, creation and urban foresight, bringing together a network of professions from the worlds of art, architecture and urban planning, and social sciences. The practice’s work analyses changing trends in large modern cities to predict the effect that they will have on architecture and that which architecture should have on them.



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