An Urban Oasis. T20 in Xujiahui by Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Sensual City Studio

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Jacques Ferrier Architecture (JFA) with Sensual City Studio (SCS)
Shanghai Xujiahui Commercial Real Estate Development Co, Ltd.
20,000 m²

Jacques Ferrier Architects

Jacques Ferrier is an architect and urban planner. Following his architectural training at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and the École Centrale de Paris, Jacques Ferrier created his own architecture firm in Paris in 1993 and has since worked both in France and on the international stage.

His portfolio of work includes cultural facilities (such as the France Pavilion for Expo 2010 Shanghai and the Musée de la Voile in Lorient, Brittany), showcase buildings (such as the head office of Champagnes Piper & Charles Heidsieck in Reims, the head office of publishers Hachette Livre in Vanves near Paris and the Airbus Delivery Centre in Toulouse), public buildings (notably the Collège de France in Paris and the French International School of Beijing) and research centres, as well as urban development projects that chime with the ethos and philosophy of the agency: to create architecture and cities that contribute to a sustainable society.

With projects such as Belle Méditerranée, Concept Office and Hypergreen, in partnership with famous industrials, Jacques Ferrier has also undertaken innovative research activities.

Pauline Marchetti, Jacques Ferrier, Philippe Simay, Estefania Mompean Sensual City Studio (SCS)

Sensual City Studio (SCS). Founded by Pauline Marchetti and Jacques Ferrier in 2010, in association with the philosopher Philippe Simay and the architect Estefania Mompean, is a laboratory of ideas, creation and urban foresight. It brings together a network of professionals from the worlds of art, architecture and urban planning, as well as the social sciences. Working at different levels, from design to urban planning, the studio analyses changes in architecture and large modern cities in order to predict the effect that they will have. 

Sensual City Studio seeks to develop a sensitive, humanist approach to the city, combining sustainable development and new technologies in a quest for innovation and urban delight. The result is a preliminary analysis, procedure and stance which inform the architectural design process. 



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