In "The Age of Less". New Bauhaus Museum by Addenda Architects, nominated to EU Mies Award 2022

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Addenda Architects.- Roberto González, Anne Katharina Hinz, Cecilia Rodríguez, Arnau Sastre, José Zabala.
Landscape.- Roser Vives de Delàs and Patricia Pérez-Rumpler. Local Partner.- BAL Bauplanungs und Steuerungs GmbH. Structural Engineer Consultant.- B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH. Technical Equipment engineer.- Inros Lackner SE. Material and envelope design.- Xmade. Lighting design.- Lichtvision Design GmbH. Project Management.- Teamproject - tp management GmbH. Curator in art and architecture.- Moritz Küng. Lettering BMD facades.- Mevis & van Deursen and Karl Nawrot.
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
Gross Floor Area.- 5,500 sqm. Usable Floor Area.- 3,500 sqm.
€ 20,000,000.00.
Competition.- 2015. Planning.- 2016. Execution.- May 2017 – September 2019.
Dessau, Germany.

Architects Addenda

Addenda Architects is a young collaborative architecture studio based in Barcelona formed by Roberto González, Anne Hinz, Cecilia Rodríguez, Arnau Sastre and José Zabala.

The studio was founded in 2015 and since then it has collaborated with renowned cultural institutions such as KULeuven Ghent, Historisches Museum Frankfurt or the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Addenda architects have been awarded in national and international public competitions and recognized in various professional and cultural disciplines.

The studio also publishes its own architecture. It is currently carrying out an editorial project initiated by the editor and independent curator of art and architecture Moritz Küng and German photographers Joachim Brohm and Valentina Seidel. This periodical publication, called the Bauhaus Dessau Cahier Museum, aims to document the process of building the Museum until its opening in September 2019.



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