Apartment Musico Iturbi by Roberto di Donato Architecture

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Roberto Di Donato
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Architecture Roberto Di Donato

Roberto Di Donato Architecture is a London based Architectural and Design practice established in 2014 operating across UK and Europe.

We provide a holistic professional approach to design, believing that good architecture is achievable in every site, for every client and with any budget.

The core belief of the studio is that architecture is not an inspirational activity. Good projects do not begin with a design solution, they begin with the development of a strategy, to ultimately successfully give form and body to clients brief, wishes and personality.

Rather than on developing a set of stylistic mannerisms, we base our work on the design process itself, seeking the beauty in clever, simple and sensitive responses to the everyday problems of our lives.

Behind any existing human creation there is a design choice. Unfortunately most of the time there is even an involuntary choice. The result is sometimes exquisite, sometimes disastrous…

Random actions will always provide random results… The design process is the most precious tool that we own to shape and control the outcome of any creation, to make sure that any material, financial and physical resource is invested to achieve excellence.



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