Around the garden, First Prize. 42 Dwellings in Venta Pilín by OFMAKE + salazarxsequeroxmedina + Javier Soto Ordóñez

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Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.
Sevilla, Spain.

Héctor Termenón, Iñaki Pérez, Pablo Menéndez. OFMAKE

OFMAKE is a space for architecture and design founded in Berlin by Hector Termenon, Inaki Perez and Pablo Menendez. The practice was born without a concrete definition, operating in some cases as an architectural studio, as a digital platform for the discussion and as a meeting point for its members. OFMAKE is a product of the will of making.

Laura Salazar, Pablo Sequero,Juan Medina. salazarxsequeroxmedina

salazarxsequeroxmedina is a collaborative architecture practice with projects in Spain, Peru and the US. Led by Laura Salazar, Pablo Sequero and Juan Medina, the work pursues simplicity, delights in material, and aims to produce generous spaces for living beings.

Javier Soto Ordóñez

Javier Soto Ordonez is a Berlin-based architect who understands the practice as a collaborative process whose ultimate goal when materialized must be to create a positive impact in both the lives of its users and the environment it transforms.



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