Arrabida House in Setubal by Souto de Moura

Arrabida House in Setubal by Souto de Moura
[Serra da Arrábida] Portugal
Arrabida House by Souto de Moura. Image © José Campos
On this occasion we bring a home of Souto de Moura that is mimicked and integrated until almost disappear in the landscape. In a plot of steep slope, the house takes advantage of the views generated by the environment to achieve impressive images.
Souto de Moura has been in charge of building this project in an unequaled environment. The abstract white of the architecture as opposed to the green of the vegetation, as well as a great sensitivity, make that the project mimetice with the surroundings with great subtlety. The house is articulated around a void and the volumes are fragmented with subtle winks to the architectures by Luis Barragan and Le Corbusier, gestures that are in the colors of the patios or in the small table that starts next to a window.

Description of the project 

The house is in the middle of the small Arrábida Range, about 35km between the cities of Palmela and Setubal, on a large plot in the middle of nature and a complicated topography. The client's plot, Dr. Monteiro, is located on a hillside that offers views of a landscape with a huge variety of views.

These initial premises were joined by a complicated process with numerous difficulties, legal permits and difficult relationship with the client, which provoked that the house more

Eduardo Souto de Moura
Project team
Nuno Graça Moura, Camilo Rebelo, José Ca
rlos Mariano
Structural consultants.- G.O.P. Electri
cal consultants.- Rodrigues Gomes & Associados Mechanical consultants.- Rodrigues Gomes & Associados
DR. Paulo Filipe Monteiro
Built surface 212,60 sqm + 46,25 sqm (Co


Eduardo Souto de Moura was born in Porto, Portugal in 1952. His father was a doctor (ophthalmologist) and his mother a home maker. He has one brother and one sister. The sister is also a doctor and his brother is a lawyer with a political career – formerly he was Attorney General of Portugal.

Following his early years at the Italian School, Souto de Moura more