Between vernacular tradition and local modernity. AA308 Offices by MCVR Arquitectos

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Design team
Marcos Cortes Lerín, Víctor Rodríguez Prada.
216.02 sqm.
Dehesas, León, Spain.
Adrián Capelo Cruz.

Marcos Cortes Lerín, Víctor Rodríguez Prada. MCVR

MCVR arises as a natural evolution of the coincidence in Madrid of architects Marcos Cortes Lerín and Víctor Rodríguez Prada, graduates of ETSAVA and ETSAC, based on the interests shared by the founders.

The company actively participates in the transversal development of projects, establishing collaborations with other architects, studios and professionals, which rotate around the research intention of the collective space and the adoption of the results obtained in various types of use. This work has allowed an approach to other modes of thinking and operatives, resulting in collaborations such as the one developed during the Venice Biennale 2016.

Office buildings, services, exhibitions and, in general, the links of these with the public space, have shaped from the beginning the office's own work, which has focused its efforts on public sector competitions. Multiple recognitions of this work have finally been consolidated in the construction of the Air Bubble Office for the SECAD in Kunshan, the intervention for an emergency staircase in Valdemoro, the Local Police Station in Gijón and in other commissions such as the AA308 Offices in Dehesas.

In addition to the professional work, the studio has combined teaching and research work, which has been included in some publications such as Proyecto. Progreso. Architecture, monographs such as Sanaa Rolex Learning Center, scientific articles and the thesis 'Tel Aviv 1932-1939. From experience in the West to experiment in the East' and 'Herman Hertzberger, 1990-2000. Continuity, variation and divergence of the poetics of Team X in 1960'. This experience has allowed the development of dissemination and cooperation activities between different institutions such as the Cervantes Institute in Beijing or the ETSAM itself.

Currently the studio maintains its activity, betting on a physical relocation, halfway between Madrid and Ponferrada, in an attempt to bring together two different realities through the same space of thought, which is still under construction.



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