Between warehouses and sheds. Prinzi Offices by Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler

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Andrés Cotignola, Marcelo Staricco, Carolina Tobler
Alberto Catañy, structural engineer
Prinzi S.A.
500 m²
Completed date.- May 2017
Budget/Construction Cost
$US 300,000
La Comercial, Montevideo, Uruguay

Architecture Studio Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler

Cotignola, Staricco, Tobler is an architecture studio founded by Marcelo Staricco, Carolina Tobler, Ándres Cotignola, in 2013 and based in Montevideo. The company maintains a diversified practice within the realm of architectural design, especially in the field of housing and commercial offices. The members share their practice with a committed teaching activity at different Institutes and Design Studios of the Universidad de la República in Uruguay.

Ándres Cotignola

Architect. FADU Udelar. Teacher Workshop Apolo. Second Year Course Coordinator - FADU - UdelaR. Deputy Member Agency-A. Responsible for Projects and Construction Management. Postgraduate studies at the Universidad de la Republica (Project Research Department 2017).

Marcelo Staricco

Architect. Teacher Dance Workshop. First Year Course Coordinator - FADU - UdelaR. Member of the Board of Directors Collective Dance Commission. FADU. UdelaR. Deputy Member-A. Project Manager. He studied postgraduate studies at the Universidad de la República (Project Research Department 2017). Master in Architecture Project. FADU. UdelaR.

Carolina Tobler

Architect FADU. UdelaR. Teacher Workshop Apolo. Co-Coordinator of First Year - FADU - Udelar. Research of the Institute of Theory and Urbanism - FADU - Udelar. Collaborator in urban and landscape matters at Sprechmann-Capandeguy Consulting. Master's Degree in Architecture Project, MARQ, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile.



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