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Fco. Javier Robustillo Yagüe, Antonio Campos Alcaide
1,200 m²
Ctra. 521, Km 41,8 – 10071 Cáceres. Spain


CAMPOS ALCAIDE ARCHITECTURE , S.L.P., is an architecture and engineering office (a + i) with 30 years of experience and based in Seville.

The team consists of Antonio Campos Alcaide (Architect, 1987), Jesús A. Ruiz Portillo (Technical Architect, 1999, Building Engineer, 2011), Enrique Rodríguez-Colubi Remartínez (Architect, 2015), Adán Carlos Ramos Sánchez (Architect , 2017), Antonio Campos Vázquez (Civil Engineer, 2016) and Félix Campos Vázquez (Industrial Engineer, 2016), together with other salaried technicians or collaborators and companies with which they have experience in the development of joint projects. This team carries out projects committed to durability, economy of means, social utility and improvement of urban environments. From the initial moments as a company they have focused their attention on the construction of singular buildings, among which are renovations and restorations of buildings of heritage interest, new buildings related to social assistance, construction of public spaces in consolidated urban environments and to a lesser extent, work related to urban planning and housing construction.

Fco. Javier Robustillo Yagüe. DUNAR Arquitectos

DUNAR Arquitectos is a study of young professionals from different fields dedicated especially to architecture, urban planning, design and planning, directed by Fco. Javier Robustillo Yagüe, architect.

Without forgetting the research as the basis of each project, the fundamental objective we pursue is to provide an adequate response to each need, a solution to each problem, offering a comprehensive service to the client, adapting to their needs and offering new alternatives.

The search for the inter - disciplinarity of professionals from various branches, as well as the empowerment of the use of new technologies and the sustainability of each project are the fundamental pillars on which we guide our work.



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